How Much Do Wedding Flowers Cost?

The Rent a Bloom Team

Wedding flowers are expensive. Period. Hard stop. However, wedding flowers are also beautiful and can turn a “regular” wedding into that Instagram-worthy magazine-esque day you’ve been dreaming about since you were young.

Navigating these two truths can be an impressive feat. How do you have the amazing wedding of your dreams without breaking the bank? Well, the first step is figuring out exactly how much wedding flowers cost. From there, you can start analyzing your options and find a solution that gives you that beautiful floral look without forcing you to make a less-than-ideal financial decision.

So, how much do wedding flowers cost? Our team asked 500 florists across the country for the average pricing of bridal bouquets, bridesmaid bouquets, boutonnieres, and centerpieces. We asked 10 different florists in each state to give you an idea of what to expect where you live. We then took those numbers, averaged them together, and priced out the flower costs for a 100 person wedding in each state.

Things to Remember About the Cost of Wedding Flowers

Real quick, before we jump into the numbers, there are a few things to remember about these prices.

  • These are just averages. – The prices you see for your wedding flowers may be a little lower or a little higher (or much higher) than these averages. Things like the types of flowers you choose and how elaborate the designs you want will have a massive effect on the overall pricing. These are just averages.
  • Don’t panic. – For a lot of people new to planning their weddings, the price of wedding flowers come with a huge sticker shock. Step one—breathe. Step two—realize there are other options. This may include pairing down the elaborateness of your plans or looking into one of the coolest new trends—renting wedding flowers.

The Average Prices for Wedding Flowers in the US

The average overall price for wedding flowers in the United States is $2,575.

Here are some itemized averages for the more popular flower uses in a wedding. Keep in mind that not all of these are required to have a beautiful wedding.

  • The average price of a bridal bouquet is $211.
  • The average price of a bridesmaid bouquet is $89 (per bouquet).
  • The average price of a boutonniere is $17 (per boutonniere).
  • The average price of a reception centerpiece is $98 (per centerpiece).
  • The average price of a head table reception centerpiece is $450.
  • The average price of a corsage is $28 (per corsage).
  • The average price of flower girls petals is $25 (per bag).
  • The average price of altar flowers is $1,067.
Cost of Flowers Infographic

What This Looks Like for a 100 Person Wedding

Every wedding is going to be different. Not only are you going to have a different number of guests, but there are so many variables that go into flower costs like how many people you have at each table, what elements you want, if you have additional setups, if you want things for parents, etc. That being said, we still wanted to give you an example floral budget for a 100 person wedding with 4 bridesmaids and 4 groomsmen and not a lot of extra frills.

Here’s the cost breakdown:

  • 1 bridal bouquet
  • 4 bridesmaid bouquets
  • 7 boutonnieres (1 for the groom, 4 for the groomsmen, 2 for the fathers)
  • 2 corsages (for the mothers)
  • 10 reception centerpieces for tables
  • 1 head table reception centerpiece
  • Miscellaneous flowers

Note: We allocated $800 for miscellaneous flowers which could include things like flower girl crowns, aisle decorations, altar flowers, gift table flowers, rehearsal dinner flowers, flower girl petals, etc. As you might imagine, this category could be as low as a few hundred dollars or as high as tens of thousands of dollars.

ItemQuantityPer Item CostTotal Cost
Bridal Bouquet1$211$211
Bridesmaid Bouquet4$89$356

As you can see, this wedding comes in right under about $2,600 without a lot of room for frills. If that has your jaw on the floor and it’s outside of the budget, we have two suggestions. First, you can read our guide on how to save on wedding flowers. Second, here’s what these numbers would like if you were to rent your wedding flowers. Yes, you can rent incredibly beautiful silk flowers that look and feel real for a fraction of the cost.

Here’s the cost breakdown for rented flowers from Rent a Bloom.

ItemQuantityPer Item CostTotal Cost
Bridal Bouquet1$80$80
Bridesmaid Bouquet4$40$160

Yes, that is over 55%-70% in savings, depending on if you do any of the miscellaneous flowers. If you could knock a few thousands dollars off of your floral budget and still get incredible flowers that look and feel real at a fraction of the cost, why wouldn’t you? If you’d like to learn more about renting flowers for your wedding, please check out our collections at Rent a Bloom.

Wedding Flower Cost Breakdown by State

One of the other variables to consider when assessing the cost of flower arrangements for your wedding is where you live. Different states are going to have different prices. Often, these are affected by the general cost of living in the state, whether or not the flowers you want are grown nearby, and then the popularity or “state of weddings” in the area (is the area known for big weddings or not).

As we said, we looked at 500 different florists across the US with 10 coming from each state. We look at their pricing for the four main floral items used in most weddings—bridal bouquet, bridesmaid bouquet, boutonnieres, and reception centerpieces.

StateBridal BouquetBridesmaid BouquetGroom BoutonniereCenterpiece
N. Hampshire$213.50$93.00$17.85$88.50
New Jersey$233.00$88.00$16.80$105.30
New Mexico$236.50$103.80$21.20$121.00
New York$237.50$85.00$19.30$132.50
North Carolina$199.70$83.10$17.60$105.10
North Dakota$170.00$80.30$16.10$81.80
Rhode Island$214.50$97.00$16.90$126.00
South Carolina$230.00$79.70$18.10$111.60
South Dakota$190.10$81.10$15.40$85.00
West Virginia$193.00$72.00$15.45$78.00