Las Vegas Wedding Flowers for Rent

The Rent a Bloom Team

If you’re looking to save on your wedding costs in beautiful Las Vegas, you have options. One of the newest and most innovative trends sweeping the nation is wedding flowers for rent. Yes, you heard us right. You can actually rent flowers for your wedding at a fraction of the cost that florists are charging. If you’re getting married in a hotel on the Vegas Strip, a chapel downtown by Fremont Street, or somewhere else in the beautiful city, you can save on your wedding flowers.

What are wedding flowers for rent?

Rent A Bloom is the nation’s leading wedding and event flower for rent company. Our expert faux florists have designed beautiful bouquets, centerpieces, boutonnieres, aisle markers, and more out of high-quality, real-to-the-touch, authentic looking faux flowers.

Instead of having to spend thousands of dollars on real flowers that you’re just going to throw out anyways, Rent A Bloom provides flowers that look and feel real for rent. You get the beautiful flower-filled wedding of your dreams without the hefty price tag.

How does the rental wedding flower process work in Las Vegas?

If you’re planning on having your wedding in Las Vegas (the wedding capital of the world), you’re in luck because the process is simple.

  1. Head over to the collections page of the Rent a Bloom website. Look through all of the wedding flowers for rent that you can use for your Vegas wedding.
  2. Decide which flowers and decorative pieces you want to use for your Las Vegas wedding.
  3. Speak with one of our master coordinators and rent your wedding flowers.
  4. A few days before your event, the flowers will be mailed to your hotel, house, or a mailbox location in town. You pick where you want them shipped, and we’ll handle the rest.
  5. On the day of your Las Vegas wedding, set up your flowers and have the day or night of your dreams.
  6. Before you leave town (by the next business day), put the flowers back in the same box you got them in, and attach the prepaid postage sticker.
  7. Drop the box in the mail, and that’s it!

If I rent wedding flowers for my Vegas wedding, will they look “fake”?

Great question, and absolutely not! Believe it or not, real flower florists use faux flowers when they put on displays at bridal expos and shows. Our trained design experts know how to source the highest quality flowers and materials to make floral arrangements that look real and down-right incredible.

Do I have to use the florist from the Vegas hotel I’m staying at?

Nope! Some Las Vegas hotels will require that you use their in-house food and beverage and event rental company for your wedding, but that’s usually it. You are more than welcome to use any florist you want, or save a ton of money and use our gorgeous rented wedding flowers.

What will people say at my Las Vegas wedding when they realize I have faux flowers?

Well, chances are most people are not going to notice at all. Even if you touch our rental wedding flowers, it’s hard to tell if they are real or “fake”. If you were to tell them, though, they’d probably be jealous they didn’t think of the idea for their wedding. Delivering a high-quality experience while staying on a budget is becoming trendy. If you decide to tell people, they’re going to love the wedding hack you found.