How It Works

1. Pick out your flowers to rent

Shop the rental wedding and rental event flower collections we’ve got available. Pick out the flowers that you’re interested in renting for your event. Once you’ve made your selections (or have a good idea about the flowers you want to rent), contact one of our design coordination specialists.

We offer the personal one-on-one touch because it’s important you know you’re getting exactly what you want and that you’re 100% comfortable with the process. Our design specialists will walk through your order with you and create a personalized order invoice. They’ll email that over to you, and once you complete it, you’re all set!

2. We’ll mail them to you before your wedding.

Two to three days before your wedding, a box (or boxes) will show up at the delivery address you’ve provided. Typically, brides have the flowers shipped directly to their house or to a shipping store if they’re having a destination wedding. All flowers will be 100% event ready. All you have to do is take them out of the box and they are ready to go!

3. You get married with amazing flowers!

It’s that simple! Your guests will ooh and ahh at the beautiful floral arrangements and decor you have adorning your event. Little will they know (unless you tell them), that you saved 50% – 80% off of traditional florist prices.

4. You mail the flowers back to us.

When you’re done with your event, box the flowers back up in the exact same box we sent them to you in. We do ask that you keep the packaging material and use that as well to keep the rental flowers safe on their journey back to us. Your box will also have a prepaid shipping label that you can put right on the outside of the box. Drop the box off to be shipped, and you’re all done!

We require the flowers to be shipped back on the next business day Monday through Friday. So, if you have a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday wedding, you’d ship them back on Monday.