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The Birth of Rent A Bloom – About Us

Wedding flowers are expensive. In fact, I think they’re way too expensive. My name is Jason, and when my wife and I were planning our wedding, my jaw dropped about 15 feet to the floor when I heard how much we were going to have to pay for flowers. It left me with an uncomfortable choice. Tell my wife she couldn’t have the flowers she wanted or spend way more than our budget to give her the wedding of her dreams.

We decided to come up with a third option. Instead of spending thousands on a traditional florist or telling my wife no, we decided to create our own. By using high-quality artificial flowers, we were able to create (pardon, she was able to create…she’s the creative one) some of the most beautiful flower arrangements ever. By choosing to create the flowers ourselves, we saved a lot.

That got us to thinking, though. What if we could share even deeper savings with other couples just starting out their journey together? What if we were able to let other couples use the flowers we already created for an even bigger savings? Not only would they not have to pay the florists, but they wouldn’t have to pay to get the supplies and take the time to create the arrangements they need.

This is where Rent a Bloom was born. We set out from that day to create a wedding flower for rent company that delivered the highest quality floral arrangements to brides and events for rent. Now, couples don’t have to decide about being financially smart or having the flowers of their dreams. They can have both, and experience even bigger savings than my wife and I did!